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Oct 7, 2012 5:00pm PDT
but the tigers got the last bite. rally towels were out in motown and the tigers needed them. doug fister was lights out for detroit. milone did his part. six innings, one run, six strikeouts, retired ten in a row. now tied in the seventh. a's take the lead for the second time. cliff pennington with the single but the a's give detroit unearned runs. bottom sentence, miguel cabrera, popped is up and cocoa crisp drops it. both runners score. a's rally in the eighth. cespedes stole second and third. one way's throw is wild. cespedes scores. then the 3-2 count on reddick. reddick looks like the hero. oakland takes the 4-3 lead. bottom eight, two outs. the throw gets away from kotteras. 4-4. bottom line, bases loaded after intentionally walking prince fielder, one out. don kelly, scored the tying run, scores infante, tigers take a 2-0 series lead with a 5-4 victory and they can close the a's out tuesday at the coliseum. >> you just got to move on. if you let it stick in your craw, you won't be prepared to the best of your capabilities on tuesday. >> just got to let it go. >> got some work to d
Search Results 0 to 0 of about 1